Audit The right processes and technology infrastructure is crucial to success in the translation industry. However getting to a position where your technology and your processes match your business needs is not easy. We offer a very efficient and effective process for doing just that. The deliverables from this process will include:


  • Action plan for process and technology optimization
  • Analysis of delta between existing and needed systems and processes
  • Technology audit
  • Documentation of processes
  • Skills audit

You will also have a greater understanding of your existing technology and processes and how to grow your business by improving these.

Process audit methodolgy


Process audit

Pre-audit Research

The consulting process starts with our consultant setting out the parameters of the Technology and Process audit and giving you an overview of our methodology. Prior to the audit we will send you a number of documents. These will enable both you and our consultants to have a clearer idea of your current process, technology and skills available within your team.

Following the return of the pre-audit documents we will analyse the results and prepare for the process and technology audit. At this stage there will be a deliverable of a discussion document which will include details of where you company currently views its processes and technology.

Process Audit

The process audit and technology audit usually take place simultaneously during a site visit by our consultant. The purpose of the process audit is to establish the process which is needed for business optimisation and this is done using brainstorming, process mapping and meetings with team members.

Technology Audit

The technology audit will review the existing technologies and tools being used by your company, the skills available within the company and what is needed to meet your business ambitions.


The final stage of this process will focus on delivering a number of documents. The purpose of these documents will give you an understanding of where you think you are with technology and processes, where you actually are and where you need to be to meet you business needs. You will also have an action plan for the optimisation of your business