ISO 17100, Translation services – Requirements for translation services was published in 2015 by ISO and CEN. Its intention is to provide a quality standard for the services offered by Translation Services Providers (TSP). Certification by an official certification body is one where the TSP can prove that they are adhering to this standard in the services they provide. We provide a program to bring the TSP to the level where they are adhering to the standard and help them through the certification process.

As well as offering consulting services for translation companies who wish to get ISO 17100 certification, we also offer a 10 module online course, Implementing ISO 17100.


Implementing ISO 17100

This course is for people in translation companies who want to achieve ISO 17100 certification.

There are 10 modules:

  • Module 1 is this introduction
  • Module 2 is ISO 7100 section by section part one
  • Module 3 is ISO 17100 section by section part two
  • Module 4 takes you through an ISO 1700 translation project
  • Module 5 explains the differences between EN 15038 and is ISOs 17100
  • Module 6 shows you how to develop workflow documentations for ISO 17100
  • Module 7 is preparing for the audit
  • Module 8 internal audit part 1
  • Module 9 internal audit part
  • Module 10 deals with the ISO 17100 audit.

At the end of this training course your company should be able to implement ISO 1700 and be audited for this and achieve certification

Each module takes between 15 and 20 minutes and the course costs €55. If you are eligible for VAT it will be charged at 22%. You are eligible if the service is not being exported and being used within Poland. You can enrol on this course by registering on the elearning portal. If you need to pay by wire transfer please email me and I will register you.


TM-Global specialises in offering translation and localisation management consulting. We develop comprehensive strategies aimed at aligning TSPs and LSPs as well as translation buyers to the level where they are using state-of-the art technology, their processes comply with ISO 17100 standards and help them go through the whole certification process.