ISO 17100 - Preparing for Certification

ISO 17100, Translation services – Requirements for translation services was published in May 2015 by ISO and CEN. Its intention is to provide a quality standard for the services offered by Translation Services Providers (TSP). Certification by an official certification body is one where the TSP can prove that they are adhering to this standard in the services they provide. We provide a program to bring the TSP to the level where they are adhering to the standard and help them through the certification process.

As well as offering consulting services for translation companies who wish to get ISO 17100 certification, we also offer a 10 module online course, Implementing ISO 17100.

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Technology and Process Audit

The right processes and technology infrastructure is crucial to success in the translation industry. However, getting to a position where your technology and your processes match your business needs is not easy. We offer a very efficient and effective process for doing just that.

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Business Process Mapping and Optimisation

Business process mapping and optimisation is critical to improving how your business works. Greater ROI can be achieved by critically examining your current processes and optimising and redesigning them. Our Business process mapping and optimisation service is designed to provide a cost effective way for language companies to dramatically improve their business effectiveness.

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Technology Systems - Writing Functional Specifications

For most enterprises making a decision to implant a new technology is a major initiative. There will be considerable costs associated with this. It is very important when undertaking a project of this sort that you have documented what you want, why you want and how you see this working. We offer a service where we work with you to write a functional specification which document what is required and to do this in a way that this document can be used to ensure there is agreement on the proposed system, and as aid to control costs and ensure you are getting the functionality you want.

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We currently offer training through the elearning portal,, and onsite training. If you would like more information about onsite training, please email me .

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