For most enterprises making a decision to implant a new technology is a major initiative. There will be considerable costs associated with this. It is very important when undertaking a project of this sort that you have documented what you want, why you want and how you see this working. We offer a service where we work with you to map all the relevant business processes, and write a functional specification which document what is required and to do this in a way that this document can be used to ensure there is agreement on the proposed system, and as aid to control costs and ensure you are getting the functionality you want.

Prior to working on the functional specification we urge the company to go through a process where they can check the real need for the new technology and get a clear understanding as to whether the proposed system will resolve the issues it is being designed to resolve. We also look at this question during the design phase and after completion of the documentation.

The end result of this process will be a functional specification which will answer the following questions:

  • Which business processes require mapping?
  • Why do you need the system?
  • What is the new system supposed to do?
  • Who is going to be using this system?
  • What functionality do you require?
  • What are the metrics?
  • What are the specific project stages?